Hi, I'm Imaan Minaii.

I show people and businesses how to make their bucket list a reality


About me

I run a a project management consultancy called Modules that helps people and businesses offload mission-critical work to a source they can trust.

Over the past 10 years I've successfully managed projects and launched businesses relating to design, programming, training, marketing, manufacture and distribution with no prior experience in those fields.


The newsletter

The SGDA newsletter (the simple guide to doing anything) is a weekly email that teaches you how to creatively solve complex problems, turn those solutions into profit and limit the time you spend doing so.

Each email will teach you a lesson, a re-usable skill and an application that you can earn money from.


What you need

The first lesson takes 10 minutes to understand and the skill takes around 4 hours to learn.

You don't need any money, or any specific skills or talents, just the ability to set a timer for 20 minutes and focus on the task at hand until it goes off, then repeat.

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